Girl was pushed off bridge by 'friend' and got seriously injured

What was supposed to be a fun day at the river turned out to be a life-threatening experience for sixteen-year-old teen Jordan Holgerson.

She and a group of friends went to the Lewis River, located near Moulton Falls, Vancouver, and were swimming and enjoying the refreshing water. However, they decided to climb up to the bridge and jump off from there.

Since there are about 60 feet from the bridge to the water, it is a dangerous activity that should be done properly, or bad things could happen. A video taken from someone’s smartphone portrayed Holgerson getting ready to jump when a “friend” pushed her from behind.

The teen was then portrayed screaming and moving her arms and legs desperately while rapidly falling to the water

Less than three seconds later, a very loud splash could be heard. In an interview Holgerson did while being in the hospital, she revealed that she might have blacked out in mid-air but that she then regained her consciousness before hitting the water.

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy

Even though the impact could have killed her, Holgerson could also drown in the river. Thankfully, someone dragged her out of the water and called an ambulance. She broke five ribs, got air bubbles in her chest, and punctured one of her lungs.

Holgerson pointed out that the friend who pushed her off the bridged apologized after the incident, but she also realized that it could have ended a lot worse. Apart from dying, one of the things that could have happened was being partially or fully paralyzed.

Daily Mail reported that the person who pushed Holgerson off the bridge was an adult and that the Clark County Sheriff’s Office was investigating the incident to determine if that “friend” would face criminal charges.

Ashley Mahree, who posted the video to YouTube, said that the woman who pushed Holgerson should go to jail as what can be seen in the clip looks “almost criminal.”

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