Black creature caught drinking milk from a cow, but it is not a calf

Ksenia Novikova
Aug 15, 2018
01:00 P.M.

The images of a hairy creature drinking milk from a cow, which sits quietly doing nothing, caused intrigue among the neighbors of this farm.


According to UPSOCL, in the video, you can see that it is something small that was feeding from the cow when the farmers approached they realized that it was a small cat that took advantage of the situation as if it were a calf.

A small black cat was thirsty for milk. Apparently the portion supplied by their owners was not enough. Milk dripped from his snout, as he rips away in terror.

It could be considered as a "robbery" because when they realized they were watching him, he fled, but the moment is so adorable that all the witnesses' hearts melted. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa.

Although at first they described the event as a "robbery", upon learning that it was a small kitten who tried to feed, it became an adorable moment for those who witnessed it, also melting the hearts of social media users.

Source: YouTube/Cip Sub

Source: YouTube/Cip Sub


These situations of nature are admirable, where, regardless of the species, the animals help each other and collaborate with each other. Such is the case of this dog that decided to adopt a cat that had been abandoned in a dumpster.

Georgia Spathoula left her house in Greece one morning to throw away the garbage, and when she arrived at the container she discovered that inside a plastic bag was a small kitten, which had been left there to find certain death.

Source: YouTube/Cip Sub

Source: YouTube/Cip Sub

The woman rescued the little cat and decided to ask for help from her neighbor, as she remembered that her dog had just given birth. Without being sure what would happen, approached the kitten to the dog and this, gladly, began to suckle him and ended up raising him as one more of his litter.


According to a story by Recreo Viral, everyone celebrates that despite the cruelty of who wanted to end the life of the little cat, this cute little dog has adopted him as if he were a son.

And although animal abuse is sanctioned in many countries, there are still unscrupulous people who hurt them. But luckily, maternal instinct exists and all is not lost.

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