August 15, 2018

Mother of teens filmed attacking a McDonald's manager breaks silence regarding incident

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Two teenagers from Lincolnshire attacked a McDonald’s manager and was caught on camera. Their mother recently spoke up and apologized for their actions.

The mother broke her silence in a Facebook message obtained by the Daily Mail. She expressed her sadness and disappointment over the “unacceptable” behavior of her two sons.

The two boys, reportedly aged 16 and 19, were caught on video attacking a staff member of the fast-food chain while intoxicated with alcohol.

The incident occurred at a McDonald’s branch in Boston, Lincolnshire at 11 p.m. on August 7, 2018.



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In the message written by the mother, she apologized for what her sons did. She said she was ashamed that her boys attacked a McDonald’s staff.

She asked everyone to leave the rest of the family out of the issue and pleaded for the hateful comments to stop. The mother assured everyone that the situation was going to be dealt with.

Jasmine Brudenall, 28, witness the altercation and caught everything on camera.

She said it all started when the boys were asked by the manager to leave the premises after they locked an employee in a cupboard.



The two boys refused, and that was when the brawl started. The manager was forced to defend himself after no one stepped in.

Brudenall revealed that the two boys looked drunk and were accompanied by their father, who also appeared to be intoxicated as well.

She added that the father walked away and went to his truck when the brawl began.

The other customers, according to the witness, were laughing as they watched the fight between the two boys and the manager.


The altercation lasted for about 30 seconds. The manager was able to hold his own and pushed the two boys out the door as the video ended.

About 10 minutes after the teenagers left, police arrived at the scene.

As for the manager, he reportedly will not be pressing charges.

The video and the mother's Facebook message can be found here.