Jennifer Hudson's ex David Otunga steals hearts in throwback pic with Kenyan dad & white mom

David Otunga recently melted hearts by sharing a set of pics with his late Kenyan dad, Moses Otunga, on Instagram. David became a lawyer because of his dad, but unfortunately, Moses wasn't there to see him graduate.

As a professional wrestler, actor, lawyer, and dad, David Otunga has achieved everything he dreamed in life and more, making his late father extremely proud. The 38-year-old recently took to his Instagram to honor his dad’s memory years after his passing, paying his respects with a lengthy post of gratitude.

The slideshow contains several pics of David and his parents, focusing specifically on his father, Moses Otunga. The first one is a photo from David’s college graduation, and he’s seen wearing his graduation rob and hugging his father in a parking lot while his mother watches.

The next pic depicts a smiley David holding his diploma in between his parents, and in this photo, it can be appreciated that the former professional wrestler is the product of an interracial marriage. His dad was a Kenyan, and his mother, Billie, is from Ohio.

Otunga recalled on the caption of the pic that not too long after both pictures were taken, he and Moses were talking about life when the latter revealed he always wanted to be a lawyer but didn’t think he was smart enough. This piece of information shocked David, who always thought his father was the most intelligent man he had known.

“This was crazy to me because my dad earned his Ph.D., 2 different Masters Degrees, a Certificate Of Advanced Studies and on and on. My dad had more degrees than any other person I have ever met!”


So, on an impulse, David decided to take the Law School Admission Test, which was only three weeks away.

For his and his father’s surprise, David did pretty well. So, encouraged by his father’s joy and pride, he applied to several law schools, but he was particularly interested in Harvard because of his dad.

“He told me about growing up in Kenya, and as a child he would hear about this mythical school called Harvard where the smartest people in the world studied. He said he had always dreamed of just going to visit Harvard.”

David described his dad as being so excited while waiting for the results that he was “just like a kid eagerly anticipating Christmas.” However, Moses suddenly passed away before knowing if his son had made it into Harvard.

It was a bittersweet moment for David once he got the acceptance letter:

“I was devastated. Numb. Then just days later, I received my acceptance to Harvard Law School. It was a bittersweet moment for me. One the one hand I was incredibly happy, but on the other, I was sad because my dad just missed it. I wanted to see his face light up when he heard I was accepted into Harvard. I wanted to feel him hug me just one more time and hear him tell me how proud he was of me.”

David confessed that initially, he didn’t want to go to law school, but he ended up getting the degree to honor his father, adding “That’s why my Harvard Law Degree means so much to me... it’s for my dad.”


On August 2, Otunga shared a throwback picture of his father holding him as a newborn baby. The post was intended to be a birthday message for his dad, as Otunga praised Moses for his intelligence, his positive energy and the way everyone respected him.

He revealed that even as a baby, he wanted to emulate his father, and that’s why he grew up “obsessed with being strong and obtaining multiple degrees.” And added:

“I’m a provider and protector of my family just like my dad. The hardest thing about losing my dad, was that I also lost my best friend. Now, I smile everyday as I have taken on your role in my son’s life.”

David shares his only son, David Daniel Jr., with singer Jennifer Hudson, and he revealed that not only is he David Jr.s’ best friend, but also his hero. Something that his deem as the best flattering feeling he could get in life.

His son, now 9-year-old, loves everything about Otunga being part of the WWE.

“He loves it. We will be out somewhere, and we will see a “Muscle Fitness” magazine, and he will say ‘Dada.’ He will go and take all of them from the shelf. We will have to buy them all,” he said to Life of Dad a few years ago.

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