An elderly woman decides to be exceptionally generous at church

During a church service, one pastor pleaded with his congregation to donate more than their usual amount in offerings. The church was in dire need of more funding and it would be the righteous thing to do.

The pastor proposed that the person who put the most money in the offering plate would be allowed to choose three hymns for the church to sing. 

To his surprise, after the plate was passed around, it returned to him with a $1,000 bill. 

The pastor, overwhelmed with joy, insisted that the person who had made the generous donation be shown appreciation right there and then. He implored him or her to identify themselves. Follow us on Twitter for more @amomama_usa.

Sitting right at the back of the hall, a virtuous elderly lady raised her hand meekly. 

Upon seeing who it was, the pastor requested that she join him at the front.

She carefully made her way to where the pastor stood smiling brightly.  

Excitedly, he expressed his appreciation for her astonishing donation by saying how incredible it was she had made such a large offering. As promised, he encouraged her to decide on three hymns. 

The woman lit up as she perused the congregation of her fellow worshipers. Before long, she stretched out her frail arms and identified the three most handsome men in the hall. "I'll take him, him, and him," she said proudly.

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