'Delete this': Sarah Ferguson storms out of bombshell interview

Sarah Ferguson didn't seem very happy to reminisce about the time when she accepted a great sum of money to dish the dirt on Prince Andrew. 

The current Duchess of York stormed out of an interview with Australian news show 60 Seconds after she was asked a series of particularly bothering questions about the 2010 scandal.

The interview found its way to the internet and was uploaded to Youtube, where anyone can see the  Duchess' annoyed reaction to the host's, Michael Usher, choice of topic.

It all started with Usher meeting Ferguson out on a field with a couple of horses, but the meeting quickly took a turn for the worse and ended with the 58-year-old royal asking for the footage to be deleted.

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Source: GettyImages/GlobalImagesUkraine

Source: GettyImages/GlobalImagesUkraine


Ferguson appeared to be very calm up until the point when Usher asked her if she had taken the money, £500,000, or roughly $640,000, to reveal a couple of Prince Andrew's secrets.

The Duchess looked away before confirming that she did, but that she got in the car right after it and returned it straight away, to which Usher replied with 'once the scandal broke?.'

Ferguson quickly said that she knew it was a scandal even before the story became public, and warned the television host to not try and trick her because she wasn't going to allow it.

At that moment, realizing that she lost her cool, she turned to the cameras and demanded that part of the footage to be deleted. Usher quickly tried to smoothe the situation as Ferguson replied that she didn't 'want to go down that road.'


Despite Ferguson's outburst, Usher kept his composure and told her that he was simply asking her about what she wrote in her book, Finding Sarah: A Duchesse's Journey to Find Herself.

After that, the Duchess lost the very little interest that she already had and just turned stone cold, dismissing Usher's questions and making him repeat himself as if she wasn't paying attention.

When asked how big of a wake-up call the scandal was, the Duchess of York shrugged at Usher, visibly annoyed, and walked out, claiming that she needed to get some fresh air.

Source: GettyImages/GlobalImagesUkraine

Source: GettyImages/GlobalImagesUkraine


The interview resurfaced just months away from her daughter's, Princess Eugenie, wedding in October, which many royal experts believe to be Ferguson's chance to return to the family.

The Duchess was kicked out of the Royal Family's affairs after a series of scandals, including the one when she was caught on camera in toe-sucking incident in 1992.

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