'The Psychic Twins' who predicted 9/11 reveal a prognosis on 2018

In a shocking revelation, two psychic sisters from California previously shared some of their frightening predictions for 2018. Which of these has already happened?

Linda and Terry Jamison, famously known as "The Psychic Twins," made some surprising predictions for 2018. Shared reported that while most of the predictions from the twins are frightening, there are also certain delightful events to look forward to this year.

The California-based mediums claimed that they saw "more extremes, from mega-storms to political scandals" and "destructive terror attacks" happening in 2018.

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The twins further revealed, according to Shared, that the United States would continue to prosper in terms of economic position. However, they said 2018 may also see some big scandals related to important companies and government bodies coming to light.

The twins predicted an overall increase in terror attacks in major cities of the world, including in cities of the U.S. Shared quoted them as saying:

"Terror attacks will continue to happen around the world as they lose control of their caliphate, and as their areas of control shrinking."

They further added that terror groups, and "lone wolves" inspired by them, would make "markets, shopping centers, places of worship, schools, sporting events, hotels, concert venues, and airports" their target.

The two sisters also forecasted that the U.S. might be a target of several cyber attacks and that calamitous hurricanes, typhoons, and massive flooding may also continue to devastate life and properties in 2018.

On a rather hopeful note, the twins made some predictions that were actually worth looking forward to.

Shared wrote that the mediums foresaw that there was not going to be a World War 3 in 2018. Furthermore, they predicted that there would not be any nuclear missile hitting the U.S. during Donald Trump's presidency.

Another positive prediction from the twins suggested major breakthroughs in the medical sector related to brain diseases, cancer, and fertility treatment.

"We also see exciting advances in drone and robotic technology, and virtual reality will be bigger than ever,"

Shared quoted the twins as saying.

However, the twins' predictions come with their own disclaimers. According to Shared, the sisters have forewarned that they "were not God" and they cannot claim that a particular incident would certainly happen.

Since we are almost three-quarters of the way through 2018, it would be fun to go back and see which of their predictions have already come to pass, if any. 

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