Cheeky seal hitches a ride on a kayak

Some kayakers went out to sea one day to enjoy the water, but little did they know that they were going to have a hitcher onboard.

In a National Geographic video from last year, the kayakers noticed a seal following them in the water. At first, they were worried as they recorded, but the ordeal turned out to be magical.

As the kayakers rowed they noticed a little gray seal following them. Deciding to record the experience, the animal could be seen bobbing close to their kayaks.

Suddenly, the seal started trying to get on board one of the kayaks. The Scottish man in the video was evidently worried as he tried to shoo away the animal.



For more on this story go to our Twitter account @amomama_usa. He was concerned that the seal would try to eat their equipment.

However, a few seconds later the man realizes that the animal appeared to want to get on board to rest. It seems the mammal was tired and just wanted to rest.

The cute little guy is seen peering at the kayakers as it rests on the edge of the boat. Its weight sways the kayak and the man can be heard saying to his companion that he’s holding on to her for dear life.

At one point he even encourages the animal to get on board and hang on. In one magical moment, he stretches his hand out to the seal and it comes closer for him to touch it.

The last scene in the clip shows the cheeky little seal losing balance and falling into the water. Although the kayakers were a bit worried, to begin with, they said it was an "amazing experience.”



Not all seals are this bold though, the St. Mary's Island Local Nature Reserve has reported on some of these animals jumping off cliffs to avoid humans

The frightened seals would fling themselves over as people tried to get closer to take selfies.

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