Paralyzed woman joins horse in dressage arena for a stunning performance

Ksenia Novikova
Aug 23, 2018
11:03 A.M.

Despite being on a wheelchair, Canadian Paralympic Lauren Barwick displayed a great horse riding performance at Parelli Future of HorseManShip Tour Stop.


A video of her was uploaded to YouTube by Parelli Tube, and it shows how the professional dressage rider elegantly displays her talent in the middle of the arena.

Her familiarity with a horse is proven right from the start when she manages to put on the saddle on the horse and prepare it for riding while on the wheelchair itself.

Next, she displays the trust that she has developed with the animal by making it move around the arena in line with her movements. Holding a thin rope, she guides the horse and wills it to go where she wants it to.

Source: YouTube/Parelli Tube

Source: YouTube/Parelli Tube


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Finally, it’s time for Barwick to hop on the horse’s back. She takes the support of two other people to climb on the horse, but once she’s up there, it becomes apparent that she belongs there.

She gracefully trots the horse around the arena performing one elegant move after the next and the horse seems to move seamlessly as per her bidding.

Source: YouTube/Parelli Tube

Source: YouTube/Parelli Tube


The video ends with Barwick slowing down the horse right in the center of the arena, winning all applauds from the audience that she deserves.

The Paralympic dressage rider’s performance was much adored by everyone on the internet. The video has so far been viewed by more than 1 million people and has received more than 500 likes.


As per another report from We Love Animals, Barwick has developed a love and passion for horses her entire life. She knew she would be working with the gorgeous animals from an early age.

However, life turned out quite different from what she had originally planned. Seventeen years ago, he suffered an accident while working on a ranch that provided horses to the movie industry.

A 165-pound bale of hay fell on her and completely broke her back. She was instantly paralyzed from the waist down. But she never allowed it to stop her from pursuing her passion in horse riding.

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