David and Tamela Mann's son steals the spotlight in purple suit looking just like his dad

David and Tamela Mann’s goofy son, David Junior, is pictured looking dapper in a purple suit. The “The Manns” co-star recently displayed his thoughtful side when he surprised his wife with something she'd always wanted as a kid but that her family could not afford.

29-year-old David Mann Jr. is a family man but has never let that kill his sense of style. In the picture he shared with followers on Instagram, David looked like the perfect gentleman, sporting a purple suit and black suede shoes. Two friends who were equally dashing flanked him by the right.

As it turned out, the photo was in celebration of their friendship anniversary. David Jr. wrote:

“We have been friends for 20 yrs I pray for another 20 @g.love1 ......hate @tduh42 ain’t in this one #brother4life #danghisshoesalmostlookbetterthanmine”

David's extended family described him as passionate, and if there’s one area where that rings true, it’s with his immediate family. The DJ recently took his wife, Chantal, and two kids, DJ and Jayda, on a fun trip to Disneyland.

It was crucial to David that his kids be happy on the trip, and he made sure of that. They enjoyed numerous rides, met with famous Disney characters, watched the summer parade, and celebrated his son’s birthday. But what was most thoughtful and heartwarming about the outing was the fulfillment it brought his wife, Chantal.

Opening up in their family vlog, Chantal shared:

“Christmas 2017, my husband surprised me with a trip to Disney World for Summer 2018. I have always wanted to go to Disney since I was a kid, but money was a factor, as it is in a lot of families.”

David himself grew up in a blended family that succeeded in staying happy, so it’s no surprise that he demonstrates a strong sense of commitment towards family. 

His parents, David Mann Sr. and Tamela Mann, have four children- LaPorcia and Tiffany who are David’s daughters from a previous relationship, David Jr. and Tia who are their biological children, and Sonya, Tamela’s niece that was raised by the couple.

Their blended and faith-conscious family is portrayed on David and Tamela’s reality TV show, “The Manns.”

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