Girl had the best answer to jeweler who called her engagement ring pathetic

Aug 17, 2018
07:47 P.M.
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22-year-old Ariel Desiree McRae became a victim of ring shaming when she and her fiancé, Quinn McRae bought $130 rings for their wedding from Pandora store.


Taking to Facebook, Ariel opened up about the hardship she suffered following the purchase on her Facebook page on November 27, 2016.

According to Ariel, her husband-to-be was not a man of many means and they worked hard together to pay the bills and to ensure that there was enough food for them. Amid such humble conditions, the couple decided to get married after dating for almost two years.

For Ariel, buying expensive rings was never that important. What really mattered to her was that she was going to marry her best friend, and she was happy about it. However, this is where Quinn differed from her.


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He wanted to purchase two matching rings from Pandora – sterling silver and CZ – and saved adequate money to purchase them.

The couple went to the store to purchase the rings, happy and excited. A saleslady at the shop even helped them out to pick up the right piece of jewelry.

There the saleslady told the couple that she was surprised with Quinn’s decision to purchase silver rings. According to her, very few men would purchase such silver rings and expressed it as if it was a deplorable thing to do.

“Y'all can you believe that some men get these as engagement rings? How pathetic,” she said.


As soon as the woman uttered these words, Ariel could see a look of disappointment across her partner’s face. He was already upset about not being able to purchase the pear-shaped set for her, which she had really liked.

Ariel told that Quinn was already feeling low because of his inability to buy and was repeatedly asking her if she would be happy with the cheaper rings. He even suggested postponing the marriage since he could not afford more expensive rings at the moment.

So Ariel knew that she had to intervene and come up with a good reply so that she could lift up the spirits of her husband-to-be.

Rather than taking an aggressive approach, Ariel remained calm and composed and replied to the saleslady, “It isn’t the ring that matters, it is the love that goes into buying one that matter,” as written in her Facebook post.


Ariel further added that she would have agreed to marry Quinn even if he gave her a 25 cent gumball machine ring.


She forwarded her concern over why a man’s love for a woman was being measured by the value of the ring he purchases for her, or with how flashy rings they can sport in public.

Ariel did not understand why love was being measured in terms of the cost and ownership of material possession. She further reaffirmed that she was happy with her $130 set of rings and with getting married to the love of her life.

A report from Daily Mail suggested that the couple tied the knot at a Tennessee courthouse. On the occasion, Ariel wore a dress that cost no more than $30.

Pandora store later came to know about the distressing situation the couple suffered at their story after Ariel’s Facebook post went viral. The store reached out to them and offered the couple their sincerest apologies.

The store even asked Ariel to name the store and the person who caused her the emotional distress, but she refused to name anyone as she did not want anyone to get fired.

Pandora offered Ariel a beautiful bracelet as a compensation for the unnerving experience she endured at their store.