Remember Waldo from 'Family Matters'? He's 44 now and looks good in workout pic

A recent photo of Shawn Harrison, aka Waldo in the 90's sitcom 'Family Matters' reveals he's in pretty good shape. Many may be wondering whatever happened to him since his popular stint on the sitcom. Here's what we know. 

If you were a fan of the 90’s sitcom ‘Family Matters,’ then chances are you cracked up every time the character ‘Waldo’ showed up.  He was basically a scene stealer playing the dumb guy in the show along with Steve Urkell. However, the actor who played ‘Waldo’ was far from his character in real life. In fact, Shawn Harrison thinks of himself as “a critic” and a “smart [expletive] who speaks sarcasm fluently. 

It’s been two decades since ‘Family Matters’ signed off and many may be wondering “Where’s Waldo?” Apparently, the actor who played him is now 45 and a fitness buff as evident in a recent photo we chanced upon on his Instagram feeds. Shawn proudly flaunted his muscles in photos he shared while working out at the gym. 

Through the years, Shawn kept away from the cameras except for occasional acting roles. More recently, he appeared in a Verizon Wireless commercial with New Orleans Saints player, Drew Bees. He also portrayed a role in the film ‘Silent But Deadly.’ But nowadays, Shawn prefers to be a critique. He would often give his opinion on anything from movies to sports to politics to food. His honesty may offend some but he’s just keeping it real.

Last year, Shawn opened up about how he landed his iconic role in ‘Family Matters’ during a reunion for the sitcom. He was originally auditioning for the role of Steve Urkel but didn’t get it. Just as he was walking out disappointed, the casting director called him back and asked him to read lines for another role – the one that was clearly meant for him. Shawn believes it was one particular line that landed him the job of portraying Waldo, the line that would later be his trademark on the show – “Whatcha gon’ do, Willie?” Here’s a clip from the show where he famously uttered the line. 

Though he was originally cast for a one-episode appearance during the second season, producers loved Waldo’s character so much he ended up becoming a series regular by the fourth season as a friend to Darius.  Meanwhile, Steve Urkel’s character, the one he originally auditioned for, didn’t last very long on the show. 

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