Man enraged after not getting woman's number

Lorin Cantrell shared CCTV footage showing a man’s reaction when she refused to give him her phone number.

The woman took to Twitter to share the video of the incident filmed in Nashville, Tennessee, on July 30, 2018.

Many users on Twitter termed the incident as shocking when a man smashed up a woman’s car. He was dejected that she did not positively respond when he approached her for her phone number.

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The video begins with a passenger getting into a parked car. A man walks over to the driver’s window.

He remains there for a few seconds before coming back to the front of the car. It is then that he unleashes his anger.

He jumps onto the bonnet of the sedan and becomes violent. He jumps up and down, crushing the metal, and slamming his foot into the windshield.

Cantrell also shared the photo of the damaged windshield on Twitter. The driver of the car reverses out which leaves results in the man stumbling off the vehicle.

The woman gets out of the car as the man walks towards her. He manhandles her, pushing her down onto the floor.

Though there are two other men at the scene, they do nothing to stop him from vandalizing the car or trying to protect Lorin.

According to The Sun, a report from Metro Nashville Police said that the man approached the woman while she was on the phone. He asked her for her phone number, and she rejected his advances a couple of times.

She then told him that she did not wish to give her number as she identified herself as gay. However, he did not seem to care about her. She received bruises from the attack.

The video shows a crowd appearing around the car to inspect the situation. The clip has been retweeted more than 11,000 times.

The police said that the investigation was ongoing and that no arrests had been made yet. 

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