Extreme weather injures fans and destroys structure at Backtreet Boys concert

The Backstreet Boys were forced to cancel a concert after a structure at the place that they were supposed to perform at collapsed due to strong winds, leaving many people injured.

The concert would have taken place in Oklahoma on Saturday evening, August 19, 2018, but a storm with winds of 70 to 80 miles per hour made it impossible for the band to step on stage.

The news was delivered by Backstreet Boys member Kevin Richardson, who took to his Twitter account to let their fans know that they should hold onto their tickets because they would be valid for their next show.

The singer revealed that the damaged sustained in the storm was too great and that it wouldn't be safe to perform. Still, he guaranteed that fans wouldn't be disappointed because the band would be back soon.

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According to Entertainment Tonight, the Winstar World Casino and Resort revealed that a total of 14 people were injured during the extreme weather after the winds and rain knocked down the concert trusses.

An evacuation plan was started 30 minutes before the incident, but 150 fans refused to abandon the concert venue and stayed in line, which ended up being a bad idea.

The 14 injured were treated by paramedics on the scene but were later transported to nearby hospitals. Some fans, such as Nikole Berry, took videos of the incident and posted them online.

In the clip provided by Berry, some people can be seen being assisted by emergency team personnel while being held by loved ones. 

Last year, a Hockey Dad concert in Brisbane, Australia, was also canceled due to structural issues at the venue, even though the spot had been previously certified as safe by a safety inspector.

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