August 20, 2018

Clever cat outsmarts his owner in a game of wits every single time

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A cat has become a social media sensation with his ability to excel at the cup and ball trick. The adorable feline just proved that he is much better at the game than his owner.

The Internet is going crazy over Snow, an American curl breed residing in Tokyo, who always loves to play cup and ball trick. He can find the cup with the ball under it without fail.

Shared on January 17, 2018, the video shows the cat intensely watches as his owner moves the cups around attempting to distract him, but it never works.

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The young feline follows the ball as if he is a detective keeping an eye on an essential piece of evidence.

Snow then uses his paws for the big reveal if he already knows where the ball is. He puts his paw on the cup to knock it over exposing the yellow ball. And he gets it right every time.

Snow has his own Instagram page, where his owner is continuously sharing videos and photos of him. The smart cat has more than 217,000 followers.


The clip of him playing the cup and ball trick is by far the most popular, with many people sharing their thoughts via comments.

"I supposed snow would be good at gambling," Instagram user Leung_yiying commented.

"Wow that is (so) cute and (so) smart," User Hargib04 added.


"I love this cat. So smart and adorable!" wrote Purpleannsteph.

User Sofie_sunshine admitted that Snow is smarter than she'll ever be.

Cat videos and images are all the trend these days on social media. If you haven't yet followed Snow on Instagram, you need to do it now. He will surely make you smile at least once a day.