August 21, 2018

I’m 46 and he is 36 and I feel like I should just let him meet someone younger.

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Dear AmoMama,

I met my husband in 2007 and I would like to know if anyone out there is married to a man 10 years younger than you. 

We been together since 2007 & married on April 4, 2011, and sometimes I feel I need to let him go so he can have a family.

As in having his own kids. I’m 46 and he is 36 and I feel like I should just let him meet someone else, younger than him or at least not older like me.

Please help me with advice, should I break my marriage?



Dear Subscriber,

The first question you need to answer is: What does your husband want? 

Does he long for a family? Does he want children? Or are you making decisions for him?

You have been married for 11 years, and you don't speak of any kind of marital problems except your guilt over not having given your husband a child.

Your guilt and insecurity may be driving you to make decisions that will hurt you both deeply. It might be a good idea to sit down and speak to him, tell him your fears and ask him what he wants from his life.


Seeking professional help - couple's therapy - might be the way to bring all these problems out into the open and discussed frankly.

Remember that communication is the true key to a good relationship. 

Be strong, be happy, be yourself.

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