Kanye West slammed for wearing 'disrespectful' tiny Yeezy slides to 2Chainz's wedding

2chainz married his longtime girlfriend in a lavish celebration over the weekend, but it was Kanye West who stole the show in his curious getup. His wife, Kim Kardashian-West also drew attention to herself with her choice of clothing.

The celebrity couple got people talking the moment they arrived at the Gianni Versace Mansion in Miami. Kanye was dressed in a green Louis Vuitton suit that appeared rumpled from afar; he also wore no shirt underneath the 2-piece

But that was the least of the rapper’s clothing choices that shocked the public. Kanye chose to pair his suit with matching Yeezy slides worn over socked feet. There was just one more problem: The Yeezys were a size or two too small for the 41-year-old GOOD Music boss.

His wife, reality star, Kim Kardashian was also conspicuous in her neon bodycon dress, gold heels, and trendy sunglasses. But it was Kanye who threw the internet into a flurry of comments that were mostly negative.

One user questioned Kanye’s sanity:

“I’m not sure Kanye is clear in the head now like he wants us all to believe. He is in his own world.”

Another expressed his disappointment in the rapper, who he’d always been a fan of:

“Naahhh… Kanye is my guy but those slippers is just a dealbreaker”.

Pointing out that the socks made the entire ensemble worse, one user berated Kanye’s sense of style:

“No. Those things are hideous and adding socks makes them WORST. No one can pull that off… not even him. He’s [sic] ‘style’ is beyond overrated.”

There were others who believed Kanye’s choices were a calculated marketing strategy. Like this fan who replied on TMZ’s official account:

“Maybe he did it on phone cause he knew this would be the reaction, saved quite a bit of dollars on promotion with all this free publicity! Lol”

Another person who seemed to agree with this sentiment quipped:

“Kanye West and his wife are marketing geniuses.”

Meanwhile 2chainz and his new bride, Kesha Ward did not seem to mind sharing their attention with the Wests. Both couples were pictured together looking cozy in a group shot after the wedding.

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