Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi share emotional wedding video and it's pure love

Jaimie-lee Prince
Aug 20, 2018
05:39 P.M.

Ten years have passed since Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi tied the knot as a married couple. They shared their wedding video on social media to commemorate, and it's touching the internet's heart.


The video began with de Rossi walking down a garden path to DeGeneres. De Rossi is wearing a light pink dress and DeGeneres a white formal blouse and pants. Both are enamored. De Rossi tells her future wife she "looks beautiful" and DeGeneres just repeats, "Oh my god, oh my god."

The emotions from the two pour through the screen as the video cuts to black and white shots of the smiling couple. Their adorable dogs also make an appearance in more beautiful stills.

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Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

The pair later goes inside their Beverly Hills home where more tear-jerking shots are taken. We witness smiles and laughs in the clip as Ellen and Portia glow on their special day back in 2008.


Slow, gentle background music complements the heartwarming occasion. We then see the two taking their vows before the screen lights up in color once more while they cut a large, colorful cake amid more laughs.


Towards the end, the footage shows DeGeneres and de Rossi as they sit down listening live to the song which was played throughout the recording.

In addition to the video, both DeGeneres and de Rossi shared the words of their former wedding officiator Wayne Dyer, on their Instagram.


DeGeneres shared the video on both her YouTube page and on Instagram. She referred to the wedding day as "such a special day for [them]."

It was also a historic day for many others who pushed for same-sex marriage rights in California back then, although the passed law was retracted soon after for another five years.

In de Rossi's post, she reminds followers of "how far we've come" and that we're "living in a country that supports #marriageequality."

Source: YouTube

DeGeneres and de Rossi are thankful for that and continue to enjoy marital bliss as a couple.

Last year, DeGeneres reminded us just how significant the landmark event was on her ninth anniversary. Today reported that she stated how being de Rossi's wife:

"is the greatest thing I am."

We wish them continued happiness.

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