Adorable Boston terrier makes the cutest dolphin and goat sounds

Pedro Marrero
Aug 28, 2018
03:11 P.M.

A nice Boston terrier dog surprised and amused its owners by starting to make sounds very similar to those of a dolphin or a goat.


The dog named Bruce, black with white spots, was in the back of a car with his family when he saw another dog on the other side of the street that caught his attention.

Apparently, Bruce was very excited and had no better way to express his emotion than making such strange noises that remind so much of those made by Flipper the dolphin, or a goat farm.

Although the humans accompanying Bruce in the car are not shown in the video, you can clearly hear their laughter every time the puppy makes those dolphin-sounds again and again.

It is worth noting that dolphins don’t make a particular sound but are able to make a large range of different sounds. This is possible thanks to a unique system that dolphins have in their anatomy called nasal air sacs.

As explained by Dolphin-World, those sacs are located just behind the blowhole and with them, the dolphins emit three varieties of sounds; whistles and burst-pulsed sound in order to communicate and clicks that serve as a tool for echolocation.


The Boston terrier doesn’t have air sacs but all the owners of these particular animals will agree that the members of this breed produce the weirdest sounds you can imagine.


If you don’t believe it, watch this video of another Boston terrier who was captured by his owner's camera while he seems to be trying to tell him something. The owner does not understand exactly what he says but laughs willingly.

This funny dog is called Pesky and he is 10 years old. According to its owner, he has been making these sounds since he was a puppy and despite being an older dog he continues to play with the same energy he had when he was little. Having a Boston terrier is always fun.

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