Woman notices photo in antique store and cries out when she recognizes girl in picture

Jane Fine Foster from Grand Junction, Colorado, was devastated. She had grown up seeing photos of her mother's wedding on the wall of his house, and now they were gone forever.

The most precious memories of Jane's family had been lost and everything happened because of a simple mistake. After Jane's father died, her mother was forced to place certain personal items in a storage facility.

But as reported by Inside Edition, after some time her mother failed one of the payment installments and, without saying anything to the family, the storage company auctioned off the belongings.

However, they were not just some worthless belongings. Among the contents were the old photos of the wedding and the wedding dress of the mother.

 "I was crazy, absolutely crazy," she told Inside Edition. "I made 40 or 50 phone calls, trying to locate something, but they were all dead ends"

Source: Youtube/Inside Edition

Source: Youtube/Inside Edition

That was 14 years ago, and after all her efforts, Jane was sure there was nothing that could be done. However, life surprised her when she least expected it.

Jane was walking quietly down the street when, seeing the case of the antique store "Robin's Nest", she found her mother's photograph, from 1948, in which she appeared wearing a wedding dress.

The woman quickly entered the store and the first thing she did was to embrace the photograph. The owner, Shane Allerheiligen, when observing the scene and finding out what was happening, told Jane that they kept something else in the deposit that would surprise her.

Source: Youtube/Inside Edition

Source: Youtube/Inside Edition

And it was none other than the wedding dress of her mother, just the one that appeared in the photograph. They had it wrapped in newspaper paper dated June 22, 1948, two days before their wedding.

No one knows exactly how the photos and the dress came to this store where Jane lives in Colorado, but this is one of the most impressive parts of the story because the storage facility that auctioned their belongings was far away in Arizona.

Jane doesn’t believe in coincidences so she thinks that having found the memories of her mother, who died in 2013, is a message from her wherever she is. "This is a symbol, a message from her that she is okay," she said.

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