Traffic warden gives police car a ticket while officers help man inside shopping center

Police officers received a call that a ‘vulnerable man’ needed assistance in Nottingham. While attending to the civilian a traffic warden came up.

The traffic officer promptly wrote a ticket for the police car as they tried to assist the man. A video was shared by an onlooker who saw the whole incident play out.

The traffic officer then places a ticket on the car and points to the sign that indicates that the police vehicle shouldn’t have parked there. In the clip, passers-by who weren't pleased with the warden's actions could be heard in the background saying 'that's bang out of order' and 'you stupid man.'

The incident occurred last Friday near The Square, in Beeston, Nottinghamshire. The video shared by Julie Dawson has since gone viral.

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Dawson shared the video with the caption, “How bad is this in Beeston (Nottingham), please share just to show what the traffic wardens are like when the police are doing there (sic) job.”

Nottinghamshire County Council said it has now cancelled the fine. A spokesperson for Nottinghamshire Police stated that they were aware of the viral video.

“We are aware of the video that has featured on social media with a Nottinghamshire Police vehicle being issued a parking ticket while parked in Beeston last Friday. The officer was on duty responding to reports of a vulnerable man in need of assistance, close-by to where the police car was parked,” the statement read.

It was reported that the police officer, and a colleague, spent a further hour with the man to ensure he was safe and okay. When the officer was speaking to the warden in the clip, it was an attempt to inform him of the circumstances.

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