Man throttles woman for not giving him her number

Jaimie-lee Prince
Aug 28, 2018
10:50 P.M.
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Cameras recorded a man in Nashville Tennessee jumping onto a woman's car and throwing her to the ground.

Lorin Cantrell shared a tweet of the incident which happened last week. She explained that the man had asked for her number twice and she told him she was gay.

In the video, someone got into the passenger seat of a grey car. Then a man leaned over the driver's side of the car momentarily, stood on the hood and jumped on it with intentional force.

Two other men were on the sidewalk looking at the man's actions and doing nothing at all to stop him. 

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Next, the attacker kicked the front windscreen of the car so hard that it cracked. As he did so, Lorin reversed, causing the man to jump off the car. But he didn't stop.

He kicked one of the back passenger windows as Lorin got out of the car. The man then laid his hands on her. 

Lorin explained

"I reversed really hard to knock him off but it didn't work & I couldn't see anything out of my windshield and there was glass in my eye, there's not a good explanation as to why I got out, I don't even know. just my first reaction."



The man went up to Lorin, throttled her and pushed her down. The occupant of the passenger's side immediately got out and the clip cuts off there. 

It switches to later on when a crowd has surrounded the vehicle. 

Lorin captioned the incredulous post:

"This [expletive] really happens in this world. wouldn't give him my phone number and this was the result. stay safe guys. people are [expletive] up."


Fortunately, Lorin wasn't seriously injured, She told her followers that apart from a few bruises, she was otherwise okay. People were shocked and expressed their sentiments and well wishes. 

She should never have gone through what she did, but what makes it worse is the fact that the two men stood by and let it happen.

A similar incident in early August reflected the same type of behavior from witnesses. A disabled woman was attacked at an indoor Amscot ATM as she removed cash to pay for her expenses. 

Another lady right next to her saw what was happening, and appallingly continued her own transaction as the victim, Aimee Ross, yelled out for help. Even a worker at the institution did nothing.