Ricky Nelson's 50-year-old twins look like copies of their dad

Twins Gunnar and Matthew Nelson lost their father, rock legend, Ricky Nelson, in a tragic plane accident when they were just 18 years old and the twins, who bear a striking resemblance to their father, opened up about him in an interview. 

The twins, who chose singing as their career just like their father, spoke to Closer Weekly in December 2017.

Gunner and Matthew Nelson spoke about the meaningful talk they had with their father after one of their shows in 1985.

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They said that though more than 30 years had passed since their father's death, he continued to inspire them.

The “Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet” teen star, Ricky Nelson, went to his sons' concert in 1985 and had a chat with them at 2:00 am.  

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Source: Wikimedia Commons

“Out of the blue, he said, ‘I not only love you as my sons, but I admire you as my peers.’ Coming from our dad and our musical hero, that was a defining moment,” the twins shared with the Closer Weekly magazine. 

For Gunner and Matthew, then 18-years-old, the words said by their father were unexpected and surprised them both.

However, the twins agree that it was one of the most significant moments of their life, mainly because Ricky was both, their father and favorite musician. 

Ricky passed away just a month after he had this conversation with his sons. He was on his way to a Dallas concert on New Year's Eve when his plane crashed.

Gunner and Matthew think that their father might have had a premonition and regardless, the twins continue to use their father's beautiful words as motivation to follow their dreams and also think that their father would have wanted them to do the same.

Apart from touring and performing their music, Gunner and Matthew also perform special Ricky Nelson Remembered shows in which they stage their father's hits and honor his legacy.  

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