German Shepherd's hilarious reaction when he realizes he is at the vet

As soon as the dog notices where his owners have taken him, he cannot hide his stress and nervously moves at the backseat of the car as he whines in fear.

Most of us don’t like visiting the doctor, for many reasons. We associate doctors with illness, and nobody likes to be ill. Also, if we have pain or feel bad, we are administered drugs and receive injections, things that not everyone tolerates.

So it should not surprise us that much to know that animals feel the same way. Dogs, for example, are only taken to the veterinarian to have them vaccinated, for some accident, check up or to treat an illness.

Conditioned by those memories, a dog doesn’t feel at home at the veterinarian office, and while there, all the dog wants is to go back to his owner, Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

Enzo, the German Shepherd, starred in a YouTube video that shows his owners taking him to the veterinarian for a checkup without the dog knowing what to expect, and they captured his hilarious realization of where he was.  



As Reshareworthy put it the dog’s reaction is not the one most people would expect, given the breed’s reputation of being brave. But we find it completely understandable. He really was against going to the veterinarian.

Enzo’s owners revealed that they had recently moved from a northern state to a southern one, and this didn’t help the animal with its allergies, so he had to be bothered with constant visits to the veterinarian.



But the family assured that everything is well with Enzo’s help, so there is no need to feel sorry for him.

German shepherds are often portrayed as being agile, strong, resistant, trustworthy, alert and smart. Enzo is all these things and more, as he really likes to work and is very dedicated.

As “serious” and committed as dogs of this breed are, that doesn’t stop them from being friendly, fun, cute and even silly.

Being around his owners, Enzo, for instance, has no fears about being vulnerable, therefore he feels free to act naturally, letting them know he is scared. They are incredible animals.

Enzo is far from the only dog that is not so excited about going to the veterinarian. But every dog reacts differently, and while Enzo starts to whine and gets visibly nervous, some dogs rather get mad at his or her owner for taking them there.

That was the case for a Boxer, a breed that has the reputation of being friendly and playful, who contrary to his usual temperament acts offended and refuses to leave the vehicle after being tricked into going to the veterinarian. He even gave his owner the “silent treatment.”

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