Jaleel White's daughter performs hilarious move while in colorful swimsuit in video

Clad in a pink-and-blue swimsuit and braided ponytail, Jaleel White’s daughter, joined in on the famous "zoom challenge," a trending dance move performed in the middle of a pool! Not only is it a pretty daunting one for a nine-year-old, but Samaya also proved she’s got some cool moves, and is perhaps, funnier than her dad.

The star from the ‘90s sitcom, “boy-next-door” was born in the United States in 1976 in Culver City, California. He became a media sensation after the accusations of physical and emotional violence leveled against him by his ex-girlfriend, Bridget Hardy.

She said at the time:

“He hit me across the chest area. He pushed me into the toilet, and it broke. Water went everywhere, through the walls and even to the kitchen downstairs. Verbally and emotionally, he’s abusive. He told me I’m not working; I have no money; I’m white trash. None of it was true.”

While responding to the allegation leveled against him, Jaleel denied any of such, claiming the story was “a dirty tactic by one of her (Bridget Hardy’s) attorneys.” He went on to plead with her to take the issue “out of the press.”

Together in 2009, the couple had a daughter known as Samaya White, although they parted ways as a couple in 2011.

Jaleel started out as an actor at the tender age of three by showing up in TV plugs. At that time,  he only got little parts in The Jeffersons and Charlie and Co. He had his major break when he stared in Family Matters.

Recently, the actor shared a fun loving photograph of himself and his little girl, Samaya White, as she turned nine. From the picture, one can conclude that there exists a pretty tight bond between father and daughter. 

Jaleel who was seen wearing a white sleeveless running shirt along with pink shorts paired up with Samaya who was spotted in a white T-shirt.  Jaleel's endearing caption of the post goes to show how much he adores his little girl. In his words:

“Can’t tell this one nothin’ today #somebodyturning9 #whenyougetgrownheadphones #DaddyputNoSmokeOnMyPlaylist #iloveyoumorethanilovemynextbreathbaby

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y Y O U”

Such a happy father-daughter duo, right? We wish them all the best!

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