August 30, 2018

Teary-eyed dog looks incredibly emotional after almost dying

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 Dr. Ramin Elahi revealed the story of a seven-year-old Chihuahua who was grateful that he was saved.

The video shared on YouTube on September 12, 2015, shows a teary-eyed dog at a hospital in Tabriz, Iran.

Dr. Elahi, assistant professor of small animal internal medicine, said that he had to bring the dog back to life about 30 hours after it nearly died.

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When the dog was brought back for a follow-up treatment, it had tears in its eyes. The animal seemed to remember the doctor and became emotional.


The vet said the “strange scene” reminded him that people must treat animals fairly as they too have emotions.

According to, communicating with our pets, especially with dogs, can be extremely confusing.

Though they do not articulate speech as humans, it is wrong to assume that they do not communicate with their owners.

Source: YouTube / Dr Ramin Elahi


The canines do it with their body language, tail movement, and position, making a range of sounds, and even staring. People can identify if the dogs are happy, but it is the other emotions, such as grief or pain, that are difficult to recognize. reported that it is safe to compare a dog’s whimpering, whining, or howling to human expressions like bawling or crying.

In fact, dogs also have tear ducts or lacrimal ducts that excrete tears. These have a range of practical purposes similar to those in humans.

Though there are three primary categories of tears, human and dog eyes produce two types: basal and reflexive. The former is produced to keep the eyes moist and are continuously released. The reflexive tears are released in response to any foreign objects in the eyes. 


Source: YouTube / Dr Ramin Elahi

Any dog owner who owns a light-coated dog can tell that dogs have tears ducts. The dogs experience excessive tear production which leaves a strain around their eyes. The phenomenon is known as epiphora. 


The third kind of tears is known as psych tears or emotional tears, according to These are produced suddenly and arise during moments of high emotion.

A dog’s crying, however, is difficult to comprehend especially to those who hope to see human experiences mirrored by their pets.

Though a dog’s tear ducts do not function in the same way as that of humans, it does not mean that the canines are unmoved. It only means they experience and express the emotional states in different ways.


Another video went viral recently showing a dog, a pit-bull and Labrador mix, crying after it realized that it was abandoned in an animal shelter.

The owners left AJ there as they could no longer care for him. The organization, Saving Carson Shelter Dogs, posted a video on Facebook of the dog crying. 

A few days after the seven-year-old arrived in the shelter in California, he was adopted.

Another dog too found a new home after spending ten months in a shelter. The bullmastiff mix, named Juice, could not contain his excitement when he met his new parents.

Living in the shelter had taken a toll on him but the sight of a new home made him happy, and he began playing with his new owners.