Mom pretends she doesn’t see her little daughter and her cruel act was captured on video

A mother has become famous in social networks and has received many comments, but not precisely for being good with her daughter.

We know that every time technology consumes us more time. With mobile devices we can solve things without moving from the site.

Beyond communication, they can be used to obtain any type of information, addresses, queries, pay for services, buy movie tickets, among many other things.

But, just as they are useful, they are also consuming a lot of people's time, so much so that it becomes a priority over anything, UPSOCL reported.

Such is the case in this story, in which a woman doesn't release her phone for a minute even though her daughter demands attention. 

Source: Youtube/ViralClickbait

Source: Youtube/ViralClickbait

A witness recorded the scene, in what seems to be a waiting room. The mother was so absorbed in her phone that it seems she even forgot she was a mother. Follow us on Twitter to learn more.

Even though the girl is asking for something, she simply ignores it. It turns out that what the little girl asked with despair and impatience was a coat because she was cold, this broke everyone's heart.

Source: Youtube/ViralClickbait

Source: Youtube/ViralClickbait

And unfortunately, this type of situations occur daily at home, at work, even when friends leave to share, many times they are more aware of mobile and social networks than when they are living.

With this episode, many have posted insults and criticism to the woman, to the point of questioning her motherly essence.

Our dependence on mobile is such that we often forget the most basic. For example, caring for children. And yes, it is true that children can be very heavy. It is true that mothers and fathers need our space, a respite, a moment of disconnection.

But it is not necessary to reach the point of ignoring our children.

The truth is that this woman makes us face to face with a sad reality: we are letting spend the years concentrated in our smartphone, talking to almost strangers, without attending to the really important people, who are usually close to us. 

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