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Woman Sees Her Husband Enter Motel with Girl and Come Out an Hour Later Shabby – Story of the Day

Monica Otayza
Jun 07, 2022
09:40 P.M.
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A woman had a gut feeling that her husband was cheating on her, so she decided to follow him to a motel one day where she discovered why he had been going home tired and shabby.


Amanda was a forty-two-year-old homemaker who was married to a doctor and had two wonderful children. As she and her husband were considered part of the “elite” families in their neighborhood, she paid a lot of attention to her reputation and how others perceived her family.

Since she was a child, she had always dreamt of becoming a homemaker. She envisioned who she’d marry, and what her children would be like. For her, family was so important because she grew up living in a broken home after her parents divorced when she was only a child.

Although her mother once told her that her father had left them to go to work in a far away country, she discovered when she was older that her father had actually cheated on her mom. Since then, she vowed that the same thing would not happen to her, and she’d work towards having an ideal family life.


Amanda envisioned how she wanted her life to be ever since she was a child. | Source: Pexels

Amanda was living that ideal family life – they were the picture-perfect family, with a doctor for a husband and kids who were Straight-A students.


Every morning, Amanda would wake up to make breakfast for the entire family. Everyone would go down to the kitchen and discuss the morning news and their plans for the day before it was time to head to school and work. Amanda enjoyed the life she lived and was happy that her family adored her cooking – it’s all she ever wanted.

Amanda’s husband, Julian, was a well-respected surgeon. He was the most trusted doctor to perform complex operations in their town, and people would fly in from other states just to be treated by him.

Amanda cooked breakfast for her family every day. | Source: Pexels


Meanwhile, Amanda was happy to stay at home and wait for her children and husband to come home. When she wasn’t cleaning the house or preparing meals, she’d be at the yoga studio for her daily class, or at the coffee shop with fellow housewives in their neighborhood.

One day, she was surprised when her husband didn't arrive home in time for dinner. He had not told her he would be late, so this upset her.

Julian arrived home an hour later than usual, and Amanda and their children were already done eating. He looked tired and shabby, so Amanda asked what happened. “Are you okay? You look exhausted,” she told him.


Julian came home looking exhausted one day. | Source: Pexels

“It was a tough day at work. I had to stay late because of a rare case,” he explained before devouring the food on the table.


Being the meticulous woman that she was, Amanda wasn’t convinced by her husband’s answer. She sensed something was wrong but decided not to act upon it first.

However, the next day, during breakfast, Amanda noticed her husband’s phone light up with a message that read “Will you be coming over today?” When Julian saw her gazing at the phone, he immediately flipped his phone facing down.

Julian flipped his phone over when he noticed Amanda looking over. | Source: Pexels


Amanda’s gut feeling was telling her that her husband was cheating on her. However, she chose not to argue with him since she wasn't ready to face the truth should she confirm he was indeed seeing somebody else.

Instead, that evening, she waited for Julian to leave the hospital where he worked. At 6:00 PM, he left on time, as he did every day. He got into his car and drove off while Amanda hailed a taxi to follow him.

A couple of minutes later, his car stopped in front of a motel. At this point, Amanda’s heart was racing, and she was shaking uncontrollably. She got out of the cab and hid near the entrance.

Amanda found Julian in a motel, angering her. | Source: Pexels


Her husband walked inside the motel where a woman came out and greeted him. They went into a room together, and Amanda was inconsolable. She couldn’t believe her eyes, and she wanted so badly to hit something.

An hour later, Julian came out, and a furious Amanda came rushing toward him. “You cheater!” she yelled. “How could you do this to me? How?!” she asked, slamming her hands on his chest.

“Amanda, calm down,” Julian told his wife, trying to restrain her. “Let me explain.”

Julian took Amanda’s hand and walked her inside the motel. He opened the door to the room he was in and she was surprised by what she saw.


Julian calmed Amanda down and said he could explain why he was at the motel. | Source: pexels

Amanda saw a man lying on the bed, his legs incapacitated. Julian explained that the man was his former patient and an army veteran who now couldn’t afford to get treated at the hospital.


“You see, rehabilitation is quite expensive, so this man could no longer afford to go. He became incapacitated trying to fight for our country. We owe him a lot of gratitude, so I decided to treat him for free. I come here several times a week,” Julian explained.

“I couldn't tell anyone about this because our hospital does not allow pro bono work, so I've been doing it secretly. I’m sorry I made you doubt my faithfulness to you, Amanda,” he apologized. “I love you, and I would never cheat on you.”

Amanda was in tears, overwhelmed with emotion. He realized her husband was not what she expected him to be – he was so much more.


What can we learn from this story?

  • Don’t be quick to jump to conclusions. It was easy for Amanda to assume that her husband was cheating on her after a series of events, but in the end, she was surprised to find out that her husband was doing something noble and admirable.
  • Do good things, even when nobody sees you. Julian was a well-respected doctor who’d often be paid a lot to treat people. However, he decided to secretly treat a debilitated veteran for free, as he knew this was the right thing to do.

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