50-year-old man can't get eye drops in and drives his wife crazy with his behavior

Terrified of putting drops into his own eyes, this man enlisted the assistance of his wife, with hilarious results that had his entire family in stitches. 

Lauren Parker took to Twitter in June to share a video clip of her mother trying desperately to help her 50-year-old father put eye drops in after he realized he wouldn't be able to do it himself. 

Although the entire operation from her mother is woefully unsuccessful, the interaction is hysterically funny to watch, with the family laughing at the old married couple arguing over eye drops in the background. 

"My dad is a 50 year old man who can’t put in eye drops, and had to get my mom to do it for him. This is why I love my parents so much, and no, he never got them in," Parker captioned the video. 

Throught the clip, Mr Parker can be seen squirming away from his wife every time she looks poised to put the drops in his eyes, and she can be heard repeatedly reminding him to "close his mouth" and open his eyes. 

While she appears to get quite exasperated with him, even at one point declaring that she was done trying, to much hysteria from the background. 

Mrs Parker eventually decides she will have to demonstrate to her husband how easy and painless it is by dropping the liquid in her own eye, and he seems completely stunned that she is able to do so. 

The rest of the family chimes in as well, bragging that they're also able to put drops in their own eyes, leading him to insist his wife try again. 

Mrs Parker's exasperation reaches its peak when her husband claims that eye drops are too painful, and she responds with an absolute gem to put him right back in his place: “I’ve had three babies. It’s not painful.”

The clip has been shared multiple times, but the original has over 4.15 million views on it, with more than 75,000 retweets and almost 275,000 likes. 

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