Woman tried to steal without anyone seeing her, but Karma arrived instantly

Pedro Marrero
Dec 27, 2018
04:44 P.M.
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A couple from Belo Horizonte, Brazil who were victims of theft in their family business set up a trap to detect the petty criminals who were stealing from them and stopped them.


A couple of Brazilian merchants in Belo Horizonte had to use an unusual strategy to catch the person who was stealing money from the family business’s cash register, according to R7 Noticias.

Happily, the trap worked just as expected, as a recent viral video shows. When a woman's fingers were trapped as she tried to take money from the register, she revealed herself to be the evildoer. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

The source reported that Mr. Oswaldo and Mrs. Vanda started their business 25 years ago, in the Capitán Eduardo neighborhood, and the suspect is an old client of the couple, who took advantage of their trust to steal from them.


The couple could not believe she was the one who was doing it, but after receiving a tip from other customers, they decided to buy a mousetrap and leave it with the cash. Additionally, they set up a hidden video camera to catch the perpetrator.

Source: Youtube/ViralHog.


"I bought the mousetrap and the girl who sold it to me said it would be good if I recorded the moment, and I did, I got here, I tied it to a thread and put it in the drawer, and everything was ready," Mr. Oswaldo shared.

Doña Vanda spent much of the day testing the best position for the video recording gadget, and her efforts were not in vain, because they caught the suspect right in the act.

Source: Youtube/ ViralHog.


The camera captured the attempted theft, and the video was disseminated in social media, exposing the suspect as she opened the cash register while talking with the shop owners.

Thinking she had outsmarted them and could steal from them in their faces, the least this woman expected was to get her fingers caught in a mousetrap. We hope that showed her that is not good to steal what other’s work hard to have.

Source: Youtube/ ViralHog.


The woman had no alternative but to confess to her crimes and apologize to the couple. Mr. Oswaldo and Ms. Vanda opted not to report the incident to the authorities, showing extraordinary generosity. They showed that there are still good-hearted people, even in the face of criminal acts.

The incident reminds us of a recent case, in which two individuals tried to steal a motorcycle in the middle of the road, taking advantage of the fact that it was hidden between a couple of vehicles to commit their crime.

But a Good Samaritan was in his vehicle and became aware of the situation, being brave enough to get out of his car to intervene, even if that he could have been hurt.

In fact, he was threatened and intimidated until he returned to his car, but his involvement was enough to frustrate the theft, and everything was recorded on video. Truly, there are still good people!