August 31, 2018

Terri J. Vaughn melts hearts posing with 'handsome, passionate' 2nd husband for his birthday pic

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“All Of Us” star, Terri J. Vaughn posted a birthday tribute to her husband, and the caption that accompanied the post reveals a lot about the relationship between the two lovebirds.


Vaughn and her husband, Karon Riley, were pictured coordinating in black at an event. The actress looked stunning in a sleeveless lace outfit. The outfit’s plunging neckline also allowed her to show off some cleavage.

Her husband looked equally dashing in a striped jacket worn over a white shirt and a black tie. Vaughn and Riley looked quite in love as they cuddled up to each other and smiled for the photo.

Vaughn’s loving message to Riley is a testament to how much she is still in love with her husband of 10 years.


She wrote:

“@karonjosephriley my handsome, talented, passionate, tenacious, sexy, fantastic father, bat shit crazy Husband HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE! You are AMAZING! Love the King you are and thankful to be on the journey with you! Your #DesertGirl #keeppedaling #willfulevolution #blackexcellence”

The 48-year-old California native has always been open about her feelings for her second husband. The couple eloped to Vegas in 2008, and according to Vaughn, she met Riley amidst divorce proceedings for her first marriage.


Vaughn confessed to Essence in 2012:

“[I’m] a hopeless romantic, I love being in love and I love being married. Fortunately for me, it is has been much better the second time around.”

She recalled staying in her first marriage for the wrong reasons and assured women that “love can be better the second time around.” The “Meet The Browns” star urged:

“Do you love yourself?  Have you created a life for yourself using your own talents/gifts? Does the mate you have chosen support and celebrate who you are right now? Are you grounded spiritually, emotionally, financially? If so, don’t be afraid to take the plunge, again.”



Vaughn was previously married to Derrick Carolina, and they share a son, Daylen Ali. She and Riley have two children together- ten-year-old Kal’El and three-year-old Lola.

While pregnant with Lola in 2014, Vaughn gushed:

“I feel so excited to be able to grow our family and bring another life into the world. Mentally, physically and spiritually I feel grounded and ready to receive this blessing! I’m grateful to be chosen by God to be a mother.”