Terri J. Vaughn warms hearts in touching photo of daughter & husband wearing pink bucket

Jul 13, 2018
04:48 P.M.
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The American actress, director, and producer has been honest about opening up to love a second time after her first marriage fell apart, and seems to be happily in love with her second husband of a decade. 


Terri Vaughn may have been unlucky in love in her first marriage to Derrick Carolina, but the second time seems to be the charm for her. In 2008, Vaughn married Karon Riley, and the couple have two children together, a son and a daughter. 

Recently, Vaughn shared a photo of Karon with their daughter, 3-year-old Lola Riley, to celebrate Father's Day. 

The sweet picture saw the father-daughter duo on the couch with the proud papa looking up at his daughter in awe while wearing a pink bucket as a stylish hat. 


"#HappyFathersDay to the King of our Castle @karonjosephriley and all the other loving fathers who allow pink buckets to be put on their heads. #AFathersLove #Family #Love #Daddy," Vaughn wrote in the caption. 

The comments section was littered with fans wishing the family well and sending their Father's Day congratulations. 

In the image, Karon was wearing a sleeveless white shirt, a pair of beige chinos, and of course his fabulous hat.

Lola was leaning against her father's chest with her hand as she stood up on the couch, and appeared to be wearing a pink and white striped shirt. Her hair was pulled back into numerous ponytails on top of her head. 


In 2012, four years after Vaughn and Karon tied the knot, the actress spoke to Essence about opening her heart up to love for a second time following her divorce. 

"The “seven-year itch” is a cliché that nonetheless applied to my first marriage. At 29, I married my college sweetheart and it lasted just that long. I was in love with the picture of us — security, safety and tradition. I was also terrified of failing, of what others would think, and of how it would affect everyone around me. This caused me to stay in an unhealthy relationship much longer than was needed," she told the publication. 


But her second marriage seems to be going far better than the first. 

"Do you love yourself?  Have you created a life for yourself using your own talents/gifts? Does the mate you have chosen support and celebrate who you are right now? Are you grounded spiritually, emotionally, financially? If so, don’t be afraid to take the plunge, again. Love can be better the second time around," she said, encouraging others to give second love a chance. 

Vaughn gave birth to her second child, her first with Karon, shortly after they eloped in Las Vegas in January 2008. Their son, Kal'El Joseph Riley, was born on April 21, 2008. 

They welcomed their daughter on October 9, 2014.