Two men are filmed trying to forcibly throw 'kid' off metro train 'for blasting loud music'

Mary Scott
Aug 31, 2018
03:49 P.M.

A new video making the rounds on social media shows two white men assaulting a kid. His offense? He was playing loud music on the train.


Anna Sterling, an Independent reporter and video journalist according to her Twitter Bio, shared the videos. In the first recording, one of the men was seen holding the kid in a choke hold and slamming him against the train seat.

“Whoa these two men just tried to throw this kid off the muni train because he was playing music too loudly. He easily could’ve hit oncoming traffic. This is not okay,”

Sterling wrote.

Twitter/Anna Sterling

Twitter/Anna Sterling

Other passengers could be heard in the background as they condemned the man’s actions:


“He’s a kid”

“Leave him alone”

The assaulter refused to release the boy, yelling:


“That’s fine. Tell him to stop [the music]”

Twitter/Anna Sterling

Twitter/Anna Sterling

In a second clip, the violent man was joined by an accomplice toting a sling bag across the shoulder. The grown men forcefully tried to push the boy off the train, kicking him in the stomach at one point.

Sterling explained:

“They’re attempting to throw him onto the street. You can see it clearly here. He’s just a kid. This is not okay.”

The video has sparked outrage among social media users who are demanding that the men be made to pay for their cruel actions.

Twitter user, Macks, lamented:


“I’m very disturbed that no one helped that boy. That’s my train. The sunset is my neighborhood. I played music loud. Those are grown men thinking they are entitled to that boys[sic] body because they were inconvenienced by his music. It is racist and awful.”

Twitter/Anna Sterling

Twitter/Anna Sterling

Another user, Tutablu, chimed in:

“This is assault. Or even attempted murder. Who are they”

You can watch actual videos of the incident here.

In a similar incident earlier this month, a 16-year-old teenager sustained multiple injuries and almost died after her friend pushed her off a bridge.


Jordan Holgerson was shoved into a body of water from a bridge over 50 feet high, and as she disclosed:

“I have air bubbles in my chest, and I have a punctured lung. …I could have died."

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