September 02, 2018

Teenager with magnificent voice shows world her rescued friend during song

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A viral singing video from 16-year-old Noelle Maracle featured her rescue dog as she belted out a famous Rihanna song.

Living in Ontario, Canada with her family, Maracle knew she wanted to be a singer and songwriter. She made her dreams come true when she started her YouTube channel and became a viral star.

For years, the teenager had been blessing the public with her voice as she uploaded singing covers of her favorite songs and today’s top hits.

In one particular video, Maracle sang Rihanna’s single, “Love on the Brain,” and she decided to feature her dog, Lily.



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Maracle gracefully performed her rendition of the hit song, and from time to time, she would show off Lily and have the dog on her lap with the dog staring directly at the camera as if she knew how to project like a real star.

The fluffy white dog is a Maltese-Yorkie mix and was rescued by Maracle’s family from the SPCA of Texas.

According to the teenager, Lily is often quiet but loves to cuddle all the time.

Speaking with Wide Open Pets, Maracle’s mother, Linda Maracle, shared that Lily is “such a great dog.”



“She is our first dog since we have two people in the household who are allergic to dogs. She is hypo-allergenic, and we are fine with her! She is such a blessing to our home, and now we can’t imagine being without her!” said Linda.

As much as Maracle loves singing, she also makes time to bond with her favorite pup. She often takes Lily on car rides. It seems the pair love spending time with each other.


The family says Lily is smart and learns fast during training. They also confessed that the dog is “completely spoiled,” but they said it’s tough to say no to a dog as cute as Lily.

As for Maracle, her singing career has been doing great since she is currently on her first extended play record, and she also posts new covers on YouTube every week.

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