Heartbreaking reaction of mother dog rescued with her puppies

Rebelander Basilan
Oct 25, 2018
12:21 P.M.
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A dog and her puppies were rescued from an unknown situation, and the relieved mother was seemingly crying with joy that they were safe.


The clip below has caused quite a stir due to the reaction of a dog, which had been rescued with her puppies.

In the video that was shared on August 17, 2018, the dog can be seen crying while breastfeeding her puppies. A woman then caressed her tenderly.

The reaction of the mother dog has gone viral. She also touched the hearts of many netizens, and they only want the best for her and her puppies.

Source: Twitter/juanbrunetto


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Her tears not only managed to mobilize the animal lovers, but also permeated those who felt empathy for the fact that it’s a mother who had been rescued with her children, and they were beginning a new life.

Twitter user Billy wrote that animals also cry and that he's a witness.

Elizabeth added that the dog is a better mother than those who undergo an abortion.

However, some Internet users didn't believe that the dog was crying in the video.


Source: Twittter/juanbrunetto

They thought that it could be a physical illness or a disease that makes her look like she is crying.


The dog in this clip, however, is thought to be suffering from a medical condition called epiphora, which is not a disease, it is only an indication that the dog’s tear ducts are blocked.

The conditions that cause epiphora are easily treated most of the time.

If a dog in your family is showing this symptom, it’s not because they’re crying with sadness, but there is an underlying issue that needs to be taken care of.

Reach out to a local veterinarian, animal rescue shelter or your region’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) chapter to help get your dog the treatment they need.