Man gets into a heated argument with a baby goat (video)

Seeing this man arguing with this baby goat is the most fun you'll see all today. 

A happy goat is a fairly easygoing animal that normally does not require much maintenance and extra care, but an unhappy goat, on the other hand, can quickly become a real nuisance for the people who live around it.

The goat was one of the first animals to be domesticated by humans, with people keeping smalls herds of these mammals since the Neolithic, as they were a good source of milk and meat.

Originally from Asia, goats spread all over the world as human civilizations moved from place to place.  Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

As we can gather from these facts, goats and humans have had a long history together, and the two species have been influential to each other’s development, even though people from the cities are not used to interact with them.

Source:Youtube/Sky Garnick

Source:Youtube/Sky Garnick

We are used to hearing funny stories about animals we are more familiar with, like dogs, cats, and even rabbits, but we seldom imagine having fun with a goat, as many people believe them to be dull creatures.

But Goodthingsguy recently shared the story of a man named Sky Garnick who while on vacation at a ranch in Wyoming ran into a very noisy and obnoxious goat and found it so funny that he captured his interaction with it on video.

Garnick uploaded the video of his “argument” with the goat on his Youtube channel on August 9, and since then, it went on to gather more than 216.000 views, 1.600 likes, and many comments.

Source:Youtube/Sky Garnick

Source:Youtube/Sky Garnick

“This is straight up one of the funniest things I've ever seen!  I can't stop laughing,” wrote Amy Pauley. “Hilarious!! I bet we have watched it fifty times!!” added Nannette Van Overbeek.

Goats and other farm animals are taking over the Internet as clips of them doing funny and cute things enjoy great popularity in video sharing platforms and social media, with people turning the cameras on them to gain attention.

One of the most irresistible sights for people are baby animals, and goats are no exception.

A compilation of baby goats jumping around practicing their famous jumping and climbing abilities in a clumsy way became an Internet sensation in 2015 and it ended up been played more than 30 million times.

Their owners from Sunflower Farm Creamery in Maine wrote, “Not yet a day old and already practicing hopping! By tomorrow they will be experts.”

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