Woman claims to have captured a poltergeist on tape messing with her kitchen

The woman was freaked out by the sudden and unexpected movements in her kitchen, and decided to record video footage of the so-called poltergeist in her home. 

Aisling Murphy of Cork, Ireland, lives in a lovely little country home in the small town. But as far as she's concerned, her home is a hotspot for poltergeist activity, with many strange happenings going on in her kitchen. 

On one occasion, Murphy picked up her camera to record what the sneaky ghost was getting up to, showing some eerie footage of the spectre's supposed tricks. 

The footage starts with a ceiling lamp swinging about. At first it's just a gentle sway, but it quickly becomes more vigorous, swinging wildly in the kitchen. 

When the ghost gets tired of playing with the light, he moves on to other items in the kitchen. First, something leaning up against the fridge falls over. The he slides a metal bowl along the countertop, and then seemingly pulling the cutting board out from it's spot nestled against the wall. 

All these could be explained by a strong gust of wind. But then a cupboard door is apparently ripped open, and a laundry basket sitting on the floor suddenly goes flying towards Murphy where she is standing in the corner recording. 

Opinions on the viral footage are divided, with some still adamant there is a logical explanation for everything in the video, while others wholeheartedly agree that there is definitely a ghost in the woman's kitchen. 

Murphy has been subjected to the "ghost" and his antics a few times, with other occasions seeing him open and close her cupboard doors for no apparent reason. Murphy can't quite seem to decide if it's time to move or not yet. 

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