September 05, 2018

Video of stampeding baby goats will definitely make your day

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The girls came up with an innovative way to exercise their farm animals, and decided to record the adorable gym session to brighten the internet's day. 

Back in 2015, two girls who live on Sunflower Farm Creamery decided the kids on the farm needed to get out and get some exercise rather than staying in the barn all day. 

So they came up with a sweet plan, and it's as cute as anyone would expect. 

Deciding they could use the workout for the kids to double as their own, they started running themselves, from right at the back of the barn, and out to the end of the a large grassy patch. 


As with most young creatures, curiosity got the best of the goats, and they started running after the two girls, almost as though they were eager to see where they were going. 

The whole way, the tiny goats bleated after them as they hopped, jumped, and skipped after them, sounding almost as though they were giggling in delight at the fun game they were playing. 

Reaching the end of the field, the two girls made an about turn and started to run right back to the barn, the curious kids following them all the way, with the girls calling them to make sure they were coming with. 

Deciding that another lap was necessary, the girls headed back out into the sunshine, with the goats again in hot pursuit, bleating away behind them. The girls could be heard laughing in joy at the sweet little animals chasing after them. 


By the time they reached the middle of the second lap, some of the kids had decided they were being tricked into running, and had slowed down to an amble as they followed the girls back into the barn.