This restaurant has funny signs up every day and now they have published a book

A restaurant called El Arroyo in Austin, Texas has made a book out of its funny marquee signs.

As reported by Wild Open Country, people running the popular restaurant compiled 158 pictures of its marquee signs over the years into a book, titled “El Arroyo’s Big Book of Signs: Volume One.”

The Mexican food restaurant posts a different sign every day, with each sign painstakingly thought out by a group of about 15 people connected to the restaurant, including managers and owners.

They also solicit ideas on their website through a joke submission page.

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“We post a different sign every day and have made a book of some of our favorite signs to spread some smiles,” the book’s description reads.

Representatives for El Arroyo said the signs featured in the book were “generally picked based on how hard we were laughing reading.”

Mexico’s greatest drink

No regrets

Sorry, Brits

But, seriously

The witty signs have touched on various topics, including the 2016 presidential election and Beyonce.

El Arroyo dubs itself as “the cultural center of the universe.”

“We’re not just any regular Mexican food restaurant, we have specials every day and a great happy hour. We take our food seriously, and as you can tell, not much else! Because ultimately, that’s why you’re here. (well, that, and to flirt with our enchanting servers). You won’t be disappointed!” it states on its website.

El Arroyo also posts its witty signs online for its more than 110,000 followers on Facebook. Its posts are shared thousands of times and always gets dozens of comments.

The restaurant has received praise for its effective marketing.

“In the world of valuable signage in Austin, the low-tech black lettered sign in front of El Arroyo restaurant on West Fifth Street downtown is probably more effective than any I-35 billboard or banner plane during a University of Texas football game,” wrote Chad Swiatecki of the Austin Business Journal.

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