Some fun facts about TV-legend Steve Harvey

The popular television talk and game show host recently shared that he is somewhat technologically impaired as a result of the era he was born in. 

Steve Harvey does not know his WiFi password, according to a video he posted on his Steve TV YouTube channel, and he doesn't want guests in his home to ask for it either, if this hilarious story is anything to go by. 

As Harvey says, he was raised in a time when everything was written with a pen and paper, and when phone numbers were something kept in his head, not on a contact list on a cell phone. 

But things have changed drastically today, with most people writing their notes on a phone, or even simply recording audio of their notes, and phone numbers are something that briefly flit in one ear and out the other as they are typed into a phone book. 

The use of technology is something that Harvey is still not entirely comfortable with, so when a friend visited his home and asked him for the WiFi password, he was "completely stumped," in the TV personality's own words. 

As he pointed out, with seven children, he doesn't need to know these things, as they can just know it for him. 

"All the kids put my stuff on my computer and phone, that's how I got it. I don't know what it is," he explained. 

Instead, Harvey suggested they talk. His friend was insistant, whining that he needed the password, so he responded, "Well my WiFi password is get the hell out my house."

Apparently, his friend was unaware that this was a joke, and actually tried to input that into his phone to connect to the WiFi, and returned to Harvey saying "that ain't it" when it didn't work. 

Everyone knows Harvey as the funny entertainer he is today, but he almost had a very different job. In his early 20's, he was actually training to become a professional boxer, while also working as a mail carrier and carpet cleaner. 

By the time he decided he wanted to become a comedian, he was hit with a series of gigs that fell through, and eventually left living out of his car shortly before he hit pay dirt as the master of ceremonies on "Showtime at the Apollo." 

20 years later, Harvey is worth an estimated $106 million. 

His many projects include "The Steve Harvey Show," "Family Feud," Little Big Shots," and a dating sight called Delightful.  

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