The Cut: Jane Fonda says 'we have to love' President Donald Trump

In an exclusive interview with The Cut, Jane Fonda shared her thoughts on President Donald Trump and why “we have to love” him.

Fonda has been known to be vocal with the causes she is passionate about. Recently, in her interview, she took a surprising stance on President Trump.

The actress believes that President Trump’s disruptive behavior stems from his parents who “didn’t protect him.” As a result, the act had left him hurting and likely to act out.

Explaining her point, she said, "We can't forget that bad behavior is the language of the wounded, and I include Donald Trump in that. We can hate what he does and what he says, but we have to love him."

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Fonda had a brief meet up with President Trump during her marriage to Ted Turner.

The actress continued to say that she felt compassion because she knows where the supposed divisive behavior stems from.

She said the wound was a result of a mother and a father who did not protect him.

“And I just think, in this polarized time, it’s important for all of us to really think about that, because we have to welcome under the tent people who may have voted for Trump and understand why they did it," Fonda continued to explain.

Despite her stance, Fonda clarified that having compassion for the president does not mean that his controversial actions as the nation’s leader can be excused.

Although, she remains hopeful that examining the reasons behind his actions will push Americans to remain wise in choosing who to vote for president in the future elections.

She urged her fellow Americans not to be stagnant when it comes to elections.

"Things happened under Obama and things really happened under Bill Clinton that should never, ever, ever have happened. And we can’t let that happen again," explained Fonda.

Meanwhile, the political activist once recalled a time when she only cared about being in movies and wasn’t even interested in politics.

She admitted that there was a moment in her life when she didn’t even know where Vietnam was or what truly goes down in the realm of politics.

Although, her viewpoint changed when she met soldiers in Paris, who shared their war experiences with her.

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