September 07, 2018

Prince George back at school - but no photos to mark the occasion

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Prince William’s eldest child, Prince George, is set to go back to school soon, but royal fans might be disappointed to know that he won’t be photographed on his first day, unlike last year.

The Kensington Palace will not be releasing official photos of the prince on his first day of school now that he is starting Year One at Thomas’s Battersea.

Although Prince George’s first day of Reception was photographed last year, the press has not been invited by the palace to document the five-year-old’s most recent milestone.

A royal correspondent from Hello!, Emily Nash, explained, "Prince George's time at school is private, and although the Duke and Duchess shared an image from his first day at primary school last year, they won't do it every year."



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When Prince George started nursery in Norfolk, Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, chose a series of photos of George to share to royal fans, featuring his first day at Westacre Montessori in January 2016.

Although, the royal couple no longer released any official portraits for the next year level.

Seemingly, it might be a royal tradition that the children are only pictured on their very first day of school, but the press is never asked to cover the following years.

In fact, there are only little portraits of Prince William and Prince Harry when they were still young students.



For Year One, Prince George will be introduced to more subjects, such as Science, History, Math, English, and Physical Education. He will also have homework every night, which is ten minutes of reading.

During Reception, he only had subjects in French, Computing, Art, Music, Drama, and Ballet.

Even though there will be no official photographs for this year, royal fans will be happy to know that Prince George will be making another public appearance soon.

Together with his younger sibling, Princess Charlotte, they are expected to attend Princess Eugenie’s wedding in Windsor on October 12, 2018.



It’s not yet confirmed, but reports revealed that the young prince and the three-year-old princess might be a pageboy and a bridesmaid at the wedding. The two royal children also had the same roles for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding in May 2018.

In connection to Prince Harry and Prince George, it was previously revealed that they have a special thing in common.

At a recent interview, Prince Harry shared that his favorite Disney movie is “The Lion King.” A previous interview with Prince William revealed that Prince George also likes the same film.