Black teenager handcuffed by police while riding home from church with his white grandmother

In another case of racial profiling, a black teenager from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was handcuffed after officers mistook him for a carjacker. 

The 18-year-old Akil Carter was on his way home from church when officers pulled them over. At the time, he was traveling with his white grandmother and her friend.

Read more on our Twitter account, @amomama_usa. The footage of their dashcam was released and can be seen below. 

The officers told Carter to put his hands behind his head and walked backward slowly before they cuffed him. 

They then ask his grandmother if everything was in order. She can be heard saying that Carter is her grandson and she had known him since he was a baby.

The officers explained that a passerby stopped them at a traffic light and said two black men were robbing a blue Luxes. 

Carter was uncuffed and removed from the back of the police van, and an officer can be heard saying that it was all just "a really big misunderstanding."

The teenager refused to comment, but his lawyer has since requested that all documentation and footage of the incident be made available. 

Joy Bertrand questioned what the officer's motivation was and said their explanation sounded strange. She told Daily News: 

"We’re really trying to give the police the benefit of the doubt with this. (But) nothing they’ve disclosed to the press helps them."

Police Captain Brian Zalewski defended his officers by saying they used the "non-approach" method and that their weapons were drawn but not pointed at Carter. 

Earlier this week, two 11-year-old twin brothers were handcuffed at gunpoint when officers in Grand Rapids believed them to be armed and dangerous. 

The twins were crying the entire time, and their mother called for an investigation. After seeing the footage, she said "they are babies" and were treated like animals. 

Read the full account here

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