Cat's reaction after his owner fell to the floor and 'died'

Feline cool is unperturbed by owner's histrionics

Everyone knows that cats are the ultimate cool pet. These animals are calm, detached and not very demonstrative.

At least, most aren't. Cat-owner Cory adopted a Bengali-mix cat seven years ago. The 10-year-old cat is called Sparta, but goes by the nickname "The Mean Kitty."

Cory revealed that the sobriquet is due to the cat's frowny face, not to his nature - which is unusually affectionate for a cat.

In fact, Sparta is such a love-hog that Cory decided to test his affection and posted the results on Youtube

A cuddlesome kitty

The Bengal is a domestic cat bred to look like exotic jungle cats like leopards, and ocelots, and it's this ancestry that gives Sparta his signature ferocious look and earned him his nickname.

As wild as Sparta may look, he's a real pussycat, explained Cory and a glutton for kisses and cuddles.

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Putting his love to the test

Cory asked himself what his unusually affectionate cat would do if he suddenly "died." After all, the Internet is rife with stories of dogs that overcome dreadful odds to bring help to their ailing owners. Would Sparta do the same?

Cory decided to put his pet to the test by setting him up with a "drop dead" scam.

Playing dead

In the video, Cory suddenly clutches at his chest and fakes a heart attack, then drops motionless to the floor in front of his two cats, Loki and Sparta.

Loki is completely unphased and turns away from Cory looking rather bored by his performance.

The love-cat reveals his true nature

Loki ignored his owner's death, but Sparta's reaction was quite different. The cat walked over to the prone Cory and sniffed at him. 

Sparta nudged at his owner in his usual "cuddle me" signal, and meowed a few inquiries. Then, to Cory's chagrin, his adoring pet walked off and took a nap.

His concern for Cory was short-lived once he saw no petting was to be had. And the moral of the story is...this is why dogs save people and cats stay cool, calm and collected.

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