September 12, 2018

Baby fawn rescued by kind welfare officer after getting stuck in a fence

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Late last month a police officer from Oregon was called out to a property to save a young fawn wedged in a fence. 

A video clip was shared on the Eugene Police Department's Facebook page and shows Animal Welfare Officer Shawni McLaughlin's body cam footage. 

She can be heard telling the fawn, "You're okay, we're going to get you out of here." The short clip can be viewed below. 

Read more on our Twitter account, @amomama_usa. She covered his head with a purple towel to not distress the poor creature unnecessarily. 


It seems as though the fawn tried to jump over the fence, lost his footing and landed between the boards. 

The incident was reported by a resident who out of a late afternoon walk with her children. She called it in immediately. 

Officer McLaughlin gently picked the fawn up and lifted him over the fence with the towel still covering his face. 

She laid him down on his side where he stayed while she closed the gate behind it. 


Upon closer inspection, he was chaffed on both sides, but the fawn was able to get up and bounce away without an issue. 

She received praise and commendation online, with Gail Kiefer Coats saying "well it looks like at least Eugene has at least one caring [animal control] officer that works with a heart."

A user known as Brooke wondered how long the fawn was stuck, while Michelle said: "Good work officer!"

A week earlier, a man and his friends spotted a fawn lying in the motionless in the middle of the road. At first, they thought it was dead. 

The man could see the fawn's mother peering from behind a tree and decided to help the little fawn. Read the full account here.