Pomeranian in 'Paddington Bear' outfit definitely surpassed the original

Would you have ever thought that a dog could look just like Paddington Bear? Maybe or maybe not but you would be happy to know one exists. According to Instagram a dog whose specially-made costume arrived early has already won Halloween 2018.  

Bertram who is also called Bertie Bert, is a five-year-old- chocolate Pomerian who looks so good as Paddington Bear that it is hard to remember that he is a dog wearing a red hat and dressed in a blue coat.

His owner Kathy Grayson shared Bertie’s picture on his own Instagram account. Kathy, the owner of an art gallery, created the Instagram page for Bertie because her art gallery page is used to post paintings and sell art, but people just wanted to see Bert.

It was later shared and reposted on other social media accounts with exciting messages posted by those discovering his picture.

Bertie lives in New York after being relocated from an Oklahoma shelter. His original name is Jasper but Kathy decided on renaming him as a means of honoring Bertie Wooster from PG Wodehouse’s “Jeeves and Wooster” novels.

“For these few years people would comment that Bert looks like Paddington, so after finally watching those movies I gave in and bought him a little Paddington Bear costume.”

                            Kathy Grayson, Independent.ie, September 9, 2018

She bought Bertie’s outfit from a woman in the UK via Etsy.

 “Now I just need a little suitcase and some galoshes and I will really have a bear on my hands here.”

                             Kathy Grayson, Independent.ie, September 9, 2018

Bertie wears bow ties when he joins Kathy at work events in a nod to his namesake. He  enjoys swimming and playing in the dog pool and he also eats cheese.

“At all times of day, having Bert with me is just a constant joy, I feel grateful every day, multiple times a day, to have this wonderful being here with me.”

               Kathy Grayson, Independent.ie, September 9, 2018

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