84-year-old woman shocks everyone by showing off her serious flexibility

Marjorie Carter, an 84-year-old former Olympic gymnast, still performs gravity-defying gymnastics routines and amazes people with her energy. 

Inside Edition uploaded a video of Carter's story on their YouTube channel on September 3, 2018, showing her in the gym, which she says she joined to “combat old age.”

Carter was part of Great Britain's Olympic women's gymnast team when she was 18 years old and specialized in vaulting.

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She represented her country in the 1952 and 1960 Olympics Games, and after her retirement, she went on to coach gymnastics for 25 years. 

Carter, a grandmother of five, retired from her coaching job when she was 75 years old. 

The former gymnast is still able to execute some fantastic gymnastic steps, including cartwheels and splits. She said that staying flexible is significant to confront old age. 

"It’s so important when you get older to maintain that independence and mobility. As they say, 'Use it, or you lose it.”

Marjorie Carter, Inside Edition, September 3, 2018.

She did not want her age to define her and trains hard even now to keep herself healthy and fit

She first joined a gym class that happened only once a week and gradually went ahead and joined a more established gymnastic club and trained for three days a week. 

She can teach even her young grandchildren a thing or two about living a healthy life. She has become an inspiration to many people struggling to stay fit. 

Carter says that the other people in her gym always tell her that she has inspired them a lot to with her determination. 

"People in the gym always say, 'You inspire me so much,' which puts a huge smile on my face and keeps me motivated," Carter said. 

She added that such words from the fellow gym-goers always make her happy and encourage her to keep moving forward with her resolve.

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