Rapper Cardi B tries to physically attack Nicki Minaj with a shoe during fight

Cardi B  caused quite a ruckus at a New York Fashion Week party after aggressively approaching Nicki Minaj and throwing a show at her.

The incident took place on Friday night, September 7, 2018, on the first floor of the balcony of the Harper's Bazaar ICONS party, during which Christina Aguilera performed.

As reported by TMZ, Cardi got up and personal with the fellow rapper for some alleged lies that she had been spreading about her, as well as some comments involving Cardi's child.

According to witnesses,  Cardi, who was wearing a red Dolce & Gabbana gown, was seen approaching Minaj's table but wasn't able to reach the rapper thanks to the intervention of her security team.

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Cardi, who has achieved quite a lot of success in the past year, mostly thanks to hits such as Bodak Yellow and I Like it, claimed that she had worked too hard to let anyone step over her.

34-year-old Minaj didn't react to the verbal attack and preferred not to engage Cardi, who continued to say that Minaj had crossed the line when she started liking comments that targeted her baby.


During the scuffle, Cardi was elbowed in the face by a member of Minaj's security team and ended up with a very painful and noticeable bump on her forehead.

As her fury increased, Cardi started losing control and took off one of her shoes, which she used to throw at Minaj, missing her entirely. Witnesses claim that Minaj didn't even flinch while seeing the object flying near her.


Cardi was escorted out of the party by security and the video has been gathering quite a lot of views online. It seems now official that the two rappers are at war with each other.

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