85-year-old woman shocked everyone by becoming the world's oldest trapeze artist (video)

Betty Goedhart is officially one of the most amazing people on the planet considering that she is the oldest performing female flying trapeze artist.

2018's Guinness Book of World Records has added Goedhart to their entries after the 85-year-old from California proved that it is never too late to tackle new challenges.

As it can be seen on a Youtube, Goedhart revealed that she started taking trapeze classes at the age of 78 and that she hasn't stopped since.

The octogenarian truly is a case worth studying because, despite her age, she doesn't look older than 60. Follow us on our Twitter account @amomama_usa to learn more.


According to Goedhart, she received a voucher to take a local class on her birthday, and was quite apprehensive at first but decided to try it anyway.

Although it looked scary, Goedhart shared that she couldn't wait to get up there and that she has always looked forward to trying extraordinary activities.


The 85-year-old confessed that she admired trapeze artists and that her parents once took her to the circus when she was a little and girl and she was in awe seeing them fly through the air.

When asked about the secret behind her never-ending energy, Goedhart said that there isn't a secret and that she only enjoys doing it.


Being so active at such an advanced age is truly remarkable and Goedhart hopes to be able to inspire people, especially women, to realize that they are never too old to do anything.

But Goedhart isn't the only woman of a certain age to show that we are capable of so much more: recently, actor Will Smith was challenged to a push-up contest by a 72-year-old female bodybuilder.

Josefina Monasterio, a good friend of Jada Pinket-Smith, wowed the world with her amazing routine and physique and was determined to prove that she was fitter than Will. Unfortunately, he is yet to address the challenge.

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