Dog surprises viewers by 'stealing' man's wallet (video)

Sep 10, 2018
02:03 P.M.

If you lose your wallet while playing a game of cards, who do you think will be your likely suspect? It is highly unlikely that you would suspect a dog, right? For one man in east China this is the last thing he would have guessed and interestingly enough, he would not have been alone.


This bizarre incident occurred in Anqing City, Annui Province in China. When his man told the police that his wallet went missing following a game of cards, he reported that his bank cards, ID and at least 2,000 yuan (£23) were missing. In response to this the police decided to review the CCTV footage and what they found prove to be an amazing discovery.

Based on the video footage retrieved on August 31 at around 11am the man was playing a game of cards with three friends at a grocery store. When his wallet fell to the ground from his back pocket he failed to notice it. Those who were nearby also failed to notice it.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube


Two dogs then walked out from the back of the store and they passed the men. One of them saw the black wallet on the floor, picked it up with its mouth and he sneaked off with it. The man did not notice what happened and similarly, no one who was nearby saw it either.

According to an official Weibo Post the police were able to trace the dog back to its nearby home. There they were able to retrieve the lost wallet and on checking the wallet realized that no cash was missing from it.


Several people were amused by the situation with many of them saying that the dog was probably trained by a criminal mastermind.

One comment even joked about not realizing that dogs also like money while another joked about the police arresting the dog.

It just goes to show that being careful is advice everyone needs to follow. It is also a case that matches the line, “Expect the unexpected!”

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